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Barbaresco DOCG Baluchin - Cocito
Barbaresco DOCG Bordini

Barbaresco DOCG Bordini 2018
La Spinetta

€ 48,50
Barbaresco van la Spinetta van de wijngaarden Bordini in Neive, hartje Langhe. Rivetti familie meer informatie
Barbaresco DOCG Bordini

Barbaresco DOCG Bordini 2019
La Spinetta

€ 57,50
Barbaresco van la Spinetta van de wijngaarden Bordini in Neive, hartje Langhe. Rivetti familie meer informatie
Barbaresco DOCG Starderi

Barbaresco DOCG Starderi 2018
La Spinetta

€ 118,00
Starderi ; Een van de drie fameuze Barbaresco Riserva's die Giorgio Rivetti maakt. meer informatie
Barbaresco DOCG Valeirano

Barbaresco DOCG Valeirano 2018
La Spinetta

€ 118,00
Barbaresco Valeirano La Spinetta Giorgio rivetti meer informatie
Barbaresco DOCG Valeirano

Barbaresco DOCG Valeirano 2017
La Spinetta

€ 108,00
Barbaresco Valeirano La Spinetta Giorgio rivetti meer informatie
Barbera d Alba DOC La Gallina

Barbera d Alba DOC La Gallina 2019
La Spinetta

€ 44,00
topnotering 5 grappoli van de Bibenda - Italiaanse Associatie voor Sommeliers meer informatie
Barbera d' Asti Ca' di Pian DOC

Barbera d' Asti Ca' di Pian DOC 2020
La Spinetta

€ 24,60
Asti Ca'di Pian van La Spinetta Langhe Piemonte meer informatie
Barolo DOCG Campe

Barolo DOCG Campe 2014
La Spinetta

€ 139,00
Barolo Campe La Spinetta Wine Spectator 92 Wione Advocate 95 pt meer informatie
Barolo DOCG Garretti

Barolo DOCG Garretti 2017
La Spinetta

€ 54,90
Barolo van la Spinetta van de Garretti- en Campe wijngaarden bij Grinzano Cavour. meer informatie
Barolo DOCG Garretti

Barolo DOCG Garretti 2018
La Spinetta

€ 67,00
Barolo van la Spinetta van de Garretti- en Campe wijngaarden bij Grinzano Cavour. meer informatie
Chianti Riserva Casanova

Chianti Riserva Casanova 2015
La Spinetta

€ 22,60
Chianti Riserva La Spinetta Casanova Toskane meer informatie
Langhe Nebbiolo DOC La Spinetta

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC La Spinetta 2021
La Spinetta

€ 26,40
Spinetta wijnen. Grinzana Cavour - Castagnole Lanze - Starderi ed altri grandi terroir meer informatie
Nero di Casanova Sangiovese IGT
La Spinetta
La Spinetta

Een van de allergrootste namen uit Piemonte en de Italiaanse wijnwereld .

Heeft zich als een inmiddels tot de verbeelding sprekende naam naast Gaja genesteld.
Afgelopen 20 jaar is veel geinvesteerd in de aankoop van nieuwe wijngaarden. Een aantal jaren geleden in Grinzano Cavour een tweede hart na Castagnole Lanze en daar komt hun eerste Barolo vandaan "Campe" 

Begin jaren 2000 kwam de wens om ook Toskane te veroveren dat is gerealiseerd met de aankoop van een fraai wijngoed bij Casanova waar een prachtige nieuwe Cantina werd geinstalleerd. Daar kwam in 2010 de eerste Vermentino uit te voorschijn gevolgd door Sangiovesewijnen en een eveneens  inheemse wijn ;  Colorino 

Al zijn de prijzen in Piemonte de afgelopen 10 jaar omhoog gedreven, nog steeds heeft la Spinetta een paar wijnen met een primaprijs - kwaliteit verhouding.
Dan hebben we het over de Barbera d' Asti Ca' di Pian en de Langhe Nebbiolo. Op dat nivo met een prijs - kwaliteit waar werkelijk niets op aan te merken valt.

La Spinetta is in ons assortiment sinds begin jaren 90, dus ruim voor hun internationale roem ( zoals onze filosofie is ; we gaan nooit met al gevestigde namen in zee )

Zeker moderne wijnen wil Giorgio Rivetti maken en ze bezitten vaak  soms onwaarschijnlijke (fruit)concentraties.
In 1989 kwam ik voor het eerst bij la Spinetta in Castagnole Lanze en proefde een monster van de nieuwe oogst, Barbera. Hiervan zou 20 % in een nieuwe rode wijn gaan : PIN

De fruitconcentratie was zo overweldigend, dat ik zeker wist  ; dit moet ik  hebben, hoeveel nieuwe barriques er ook staan ( waar ik toen, in de begintijd van de barriques in Piemonte wat huiverig tegenaan keek )
Giorgio Rivetti heeft het gebruik van de barriques sindsdien steeds verder geperfectioneerd.
Bij de Nebbiolo  vond ik jaargang 1997 de definitieve doorbraak, waarbij de Nebbiolo ook herkenbaar Nebbiolo bleef na de rijping in nieuwe barriques en op fles.


Korte geschiedenis van La Spinetta

LA SPINETTA in Castagnole Lanze was founded by Giuseppe and Lidia Rivetti
The first Moscato produced, the first single-vineyard Moscato ever to be made in Italy
LA SPINETTA's first red wine, Barbera Cà di Pian

1989Introduction of Pin, a revolutionary wine at the time, a blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo


The first Barbaresco wine, Gallina, produced (this was also the first bottle to carry the rhino label - the name of the vineyard created some confusion, however, as gallina is also the Italian word for hen)
Barbaresco Starderi and Barbera d'Alba Gallina
Barbaresco Valeirano
Barbera d'Asti Superiore
Purchase of 8 hectares of Nebbiolo vineyards in the Barolo area; first vintage of Barolo Campè
Purchase of 65 hectare (120 acres) of vineyards in Tuscany; the first vintage of Sezzana Sangiovese
Construction of the second winery, LA SPINETTA Campè, completed
The third winery, LA SPINETTA Casanova in Tuscany, is finished; LA SPINETTA celebrates its 30th anniversary
Expansion of temperature and climate-controlled warehouse; new offices and tasting room at Castagnole Lanze
Arrival of two work horses to plow special Cru vineyards;
foundation of the One Liter Club
Release of first Tuscan white wine: Toscana Vermentino 2009; further progress toward biological production steps in the vineyards
Acquisition of Contratto winery in Canelli, Piedmont, expanding production to sparkling wines, Vermouths and Bitters
Rennovation of old tasting room at Castagnole Lanze winery

The Story

The Rivetti family story began in the 1890s when Giovanni Rivetti, grandfather to brothers Carlo, Bruno and Giorgio, left Piedmont for Argentina. Like many Italians at that time, he dreamed of returning rich and a powerful man, and perhaps even one day having the opportunity to make a great wine in his homeland. Though Giovanni never did, his son, Giuseppe (nicknamed "Pin"), fulfilled the dream. Pin married Lidia, purchased vineyards, and began to make wine. In 1977 the family took up residence at LA SPINETTA (meaning "top of the hill") in Castagnole Lanze, located in the heart of the area well-known for Moscato d'Asti, a rather light and simple dessert wine at the time. The Rivetti's believed, however, that Moscato had the potential for greatness and set out to prove it by producing the region's first single-vineyard Moscato wines, Bricco Quaglia and Biancospino.

Over time, the family's vision became even grander, and in 1985 LA SPINETTA made its first red wine, Barbera Cà di Pian, with many great reds to follow. In 1989 the Rivetti brothers named their red blend (Nebbiolo/Barbera) "Pin" in honor of their father. The first Barbaresco, Gallina, was produced in 1995 followed by Barbarescos Starderi, Barbera d'Alba Gallina in 1996 and and Barbaresco Valeirano in 1997. Barbera d'Asti Superiore entered the lineup in 1998.

In 2000 the family's ambition of adding a Barolo to the winery production became a reality. The Rivetti's acquired vineyards in Grinzane Cavour where a state of the art cellar, LA SPINETTA Campè, was also constructed.

In 2001 LA SPINETTA expanded beyond the borders of Piedmont, acquiring 65 hectares (160 acres) of vineyards in Tuscany, between Pisa and Volterra, where three different 100% Sangiovese wines are produced. For LA SPINETTA Sangiovese is the true ambassador of the Tuscan terrain. From 2004 to 2012 the indigenous Tuscan portfolio was completed with the production of a Colorino, a Vermentino, a Prugnolo Gentile, a Chianti and a Rosé wine made from Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile.

In 2011 LA SPINETTA yet adds another winery to the exisiting thrre and purchases Italy's oldest Metodo Classico sparkling wine producer, CONTRATTO, in Canelli, Piedmont. The exquisite bubbles of CONTRATTO as well as the Vermouths and Bitter make LA SPINETTA's already large wine portfolio complete.


Our Vineyards

90% of the work we do at La Spinetta is in the vineyards, with just 10% in the cellar.

The vast majority of our efforts at LA SPINETTA are dedicated to the vineyards, which are treated with the utmost care, attention and respect, particularly in regards to agronomic practices and production quantities. We utilize no, or the absolute minimum possible amount of chemicals and maintain a relatively small production (only 17-20 hl (3.1-3.3 tons) per hectare). We appreciate that our vineyards have been in existence long before LA SPINETTA began making wine and we are aware that these same vineyards will outlast us.

Not having inherited our land through generations of winemakers, our vineyards were carefully selected. All of our vineyards face south, south-east or south-west and most od the vines are quite old (35-65 years). We believe that only vines of substantial age are able to contribute minerality, longevity, complexity, and the particular characteristics of a distinct terrain to the wine. We use the younger vines in the production to only make three wines: Barbera Cà di Pian, Langhe Nebbiolo and Il Nero di Casanova. All other wines are made from old vine grapes.

In the vineyard, each plant receives extensive year-round care. The yields are kept extremely low and we do not use chemical products, fertilizers or pesticides. 75% of the vineyards are worked accoring to biodynamic principles



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