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Giachi Oleari

Olijfolieproducent uit Toscane. Een van de beste ( al jaren ) in prijs - kwaliteit.

Als je hun Primolio olijfolie eenmaal hebt geprobeerd blijft hij iedere dag van de week op tafel staan  om nooit te vervelen. 





Historie ;

een aantal jaren geleden ontving deze PRIMOLIO  2 achtereenvolgende jaren de prijsaward voor beste italiaanse olijfolie bij de Smaak van Italie in prijs-kwaliteit.



The Giachi family firm is located in the hills of Mercatale Val di Pesa in the Florentine part of the Chianti Classico zone; the family has been involved in the olive oil trade for generations, concentrating on high quality extra-virgin olive oil. This attention to quality and to reasonable prices has gained much recognition for the firm. We have never been carried away by commercial success, because our primary objective has always been to give a high level product which expresses both the territory of the olives from which it has been made and an able pressing and conservation. The firm is family-owned and operated, with everyone passionately involved in this marvellous product, an essential part of the Tuscan tradition, one whose use - particularly in the kitchen - still needs to be better known and appreciated. Quality olive oil gives richer flavours, is more digestible, and is better for the health as well.


To produce a quality olive oil, as it is for any agricultural product, it is necessary to have an ideal environmental and microclimatic condition. The olive tree prefers stony, dry and calcareous hill grounds, with a mild climate. We have to consider that the olive tree comes from the Middle East area. It is also necessary a good cultivar, a clever farmer who knows how to manage all the phases of the cultivation. It is a plant which takes a long time to grow up, becoming then secular, except when it is killed by a frost. In Chianti we have a saying: “The chestnut is for me”, “The Vine is for my son”, “The Olive is for my nephew

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Olijfolie Primolio 1 lt.
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